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The Joys in this Day

First, upon waking, the quality of the light from an east-facing window, filtered through my curtains.

Second, a strong cup of coffee, mellowed with full fat cream.

Then good company and kinship and a gift of things I would have picked out myself.

The pleasure of a haircut, just the ends off,

The full heat of a summer’s day mingling with the mellowing autumnal light, and the vibrancy of changing foliage,

Dust as harvest resumes after the rains.

A warming wind blowing near dusk on a sacred hill.

A picnic supper in front of a crackling fire, beneath stars, as the waning moon rises.

Stories from Papa about the years before I had memory.

Finally, solitude in the deepening hours of the night when my thoughts are the most realised.

All in all, a good birthday.


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