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It takes nothing to forget

It was her birthday yesterday, she would have been 57. It’s hard to imagine that, since she wasn’t yet 40 when she died.

We used to go to the cemetery on her birthday, take flowers, sometimes roses from the farm since this is when they bloom.

But we didn’t this year. Busy with other things and to be honest I forgot until the day was nearly over. A day passes quickly these days.

And that’s just how easy it is to forget. As easy as remembering used to be. It takes something to remember. It takes nothing to forget.

2 comments on “It takes nothing to forget

  1. Jeannette says:

    I think of your mom often Kristin, especially during planting season or when I hear you speak. She would be so proud of her children. Jeannette

  2. My mom’s ashes are buried in the cemetery in our home town, just 20 minutes from my home, but I rarely visit her grave and when I do, I don’t stay long. She is not there. She’s been gone 11 years and I still have trouble grasping the fact. Only a month ago I put her photo next to my desk, where I am reminded daily of her, sometimes more than once. It took 11 years for me to do that, but I’m glad I finally did.

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