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Night Work

There’s something about harvesting at night. When you know a landscape, you know its lights at night: the various yard lights punctuate the darkness. And so when there are bright lights where there is usually only the dark, you know a farmer is out there working. Rain is coming and so they work long after nightfall. The harvest late shift.

I see lights as I drive home, and I know they are in our field since I know where all our fields are, even when it’s dark. In the yard there are more lights where usually there are none. The bin yard is illuminated by the headlights of two pick-ups. The grain truck, which we call the “diesel truck” to distinguish it from the other grain truck, has its box tilted up. I hear the familiar sound of grain swishing down into the hopper where the augur’s whirring blades suck it up and deposit it into the waiting granary.

The smell of grain dust hangs in the air. There is movement and energy in the night, as there is always, but this is a more urgent energy, one powered by machine. Some might think it disrupts the quiet, but I am  comforted by it. There’s something about it. Something that feels like home.

3 comments on “Night Work

  1. Jeannette says:

    You have captured the essence of harvest so well. It is a time like no other.

  2. Dennis says:

    I can almost smell the grain dust in the air. Brings back memories of my days harvesting on our farm.

  3. Excitement and rightness in the air, isn’t there?

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