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Guess How Many Barns! And Win!

As I mentioned in my previous post (click here), I am just tallying up the final number of barns I have found in my survey. Rather than just boringly telling you, I want you to guess! Email me your guess to The guess closest to the actual number will win a homemade gift basket from yours truly. So put your guessing hat on!

Contest Rules:
1. Email guess to by December 15, 2013.
2. The guess closest to the actual number will win a gift basket of homemade goodies (if you live within a reasonable and deliverable distance). If the winner hails from further away, you’ll get a gift certificate from Better World Books.
3. Limit of one guess per person.

– This number will be the total number of barns in both the R.Ms of Laurier and the Gap. 
– This number will include barns built before approximately 1960 (no rigid-frame buildings, steel buildings, cattle sheds or calving sheds will be included in this number).
– This number will include barns of all different roof types, not just the common “hip-roof” barn.

Now you know there’s at least one barn in the area. This is one of the biggest and best preserved in the region and is located west of Radville.

3 comments on “Guess How Many Barns! And Win!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Found your site while knocking around the web and wanted to get in touch with my own old barns effort — info at the site Am Following your site now — keep on going and good luck with it all — I will look forward to your future posts!

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